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UVB Phototherapy Equipment for
Vitamin D Deficiency

A naturally effective source of Vitamin D for individuals with intestinal Vitamin D malabsorption
due to some digestive system conditions including:

crohn's disease - gastric bypass surgery - inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
cystic fibrosis - kidney/liver disease - bowel resection

Vitamin D has received tremendous media attention lately, and for good reason. Vitamin D is essential to human health for its role as a catalyst for calcium absorption, yet many people are deficient, especially those that live at higher latitudes, far away from the earth's equator. In these areas, the tilt of the earth in the winter months forces the sun's rays to travel a longer path through the earth's atmosphere, filtering the UVB light necessary for reactions within the skin to create Vitamin D. There is increasing evidence that Vitamin D protects against the development of many chronic diseases, including: cancer (breast, colorectal, prostate), cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, type 1 diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, and depression. Fortunately, most people can treat vitamin-D deficiency with simple oral supplementation in the form of inexpensive Vitamin D tablets. In fact, Vitamin D is the only vitamin listed in Canada's Food Guide.

However, because of poor Vitamin D absorption in the gut, there are groups of people that cannot get adequate Vitamin D from oral sources. This often occurs in persons with crohn's, cystic fibrosis, kidney/liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), bowel resection and gastric bypass surgery. Coping with these diseases can be enhanced by restoring normal healthy Vitamin D levels.

Solarc Systems Inc., after witnessing several vitamin D related success stories with our SolRx line of UVB phototherapy devices for skin diseases, and careful study of the optimal fluorescent UVB waveband, pursued and received from Health Canada permission to add "Vitamin D Deficiency" to the "intended purpose/indication of use" of these medical devices.

We are therefore offering our UVB home phototherapy equipment for the treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency in these patient groups, with the goal being to improve the quality of life of these individuals. It is recommended that patients in these risk groups first verify that they:

a) are indeed vitamin D deficient, by obtaining a vitamin D blood test blood test for precursor Vitamin D known as any of: "25-hydroxy-vitamin-D" "25(OH)D" "25D" or "Calcidiol". (Important: This is NOT to be confused with a similarly named test for activated Vitamin D known as any of: "1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D" "1,25(OH)2D3" "1,25D3" or "Calcitriol".)

b) are not responsive to oral vitamin D, by testing and comparing 25(OH)D vitamin D before and after intervention.

For those that qualify, a Solarc E-Series, 1000-Series, or 500-Series UVB-Broadband or UVB-Narrowband device can be used in lieu of oral supplements. Typical treatment times are only a few minutes, as set out by the exposure guidelines in the users manual. After a few weeks of diligent UVB treatments, (and possibly months longer depending on treatment times and frequency), a substantial increase in the patient's vitamin D blood level would be expected. With restoration of this vitally important nutient, it is sensible to expect that there would be health benefits for suffering patients, possibly profound. We see this proposal as "doing the simple things first".

The important technical/medical point in this is that only UVB is needed to make vitamin D in human skin, and Solarc's medical devices make only UVB. This means that only the most beneficial ultraviolet-B wavelengths of light are delivered, with a minimal amount of unnecessary and possibly hazardous UVA.
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Solarc Systems was founded in 1992 and is ISO-13485 certified for the design and manufacturing of medical UV phototherapy lamps. All Solarc/SolRxTM products are Health Canada compliant for the treatment of "Vitamin D Deficiency".

Solarc Systems' only product is Ultraviolet Light Therapy Systems for skin disease and vitamin-D deficiency treatment... Nothing else.

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The SolRx 1000 Series

    Vitamin D & UV Light - Quick Facts:
  • Over millions of years of exposure to sun, the human body has evolved the need for UVB and Vitamin D for general health.
  • Nearly every cell in the human body has a vitamin D receptor.
  • Modern lifestyles, geographic location and use of sunscreens prevent most of us from getting adequate UVB exposure.
  • Oral vitamin D supplements are effective in most people, except for those that have poor absorption in the digestive system.
  • Only UVB light makes Vitamin D in skin. The other wavelengths such as UVA are not necessary and possibly hazardous.
  • The sun makes all types of UV, but in high latitudes in the winter, very little UVB reaches the earth.
  • The UVB content of natural sunlight is highly variable, making proper dosing very difficult. UVB varies with latitude, time-of-day, time-of-year, altitude, cloud cover, and pollution.
  • Skin colour is a filter for UV light and greatly effects UVB treatment times. Evolution has selected dark skin for those that live in tropical regions, and light skin for the northerners.
  • UVB treatment times are very important because too much UVB will cause sunburn in all skin types.
  • As with natural sunlight, use of a UVB phototherapy device can cause skin cancer and premature aging of the skin.
  • Cosmetic tanning equipment makes mostly UVA and only a small amount of UVB.
  • UVB light does not typically cause excessive skin tanning.

    Why use a Solarc device for Vitamin D?
  • UVB light occurs NATURALLY in sunlight. SolRx devices make exactly the same light using artificial light sources.
  • Artificial light sources have the advantage of providing only the most therapeutic wavelengths of UV light, while minimizing the potentially harmful non-therapeutic wavelengths.
  • Artificial light sources allow much more accurate UVB dosing than using natural sunlight, which controls the possibility of sunburn.
  • A single full body dose of UVB can make the equivalent of 10,000 to 25,000 IU of oral vitamin D, without the patient being burned.
  • Home phototherapy units are available when you are, year round, day and night.
  • Allows you to go directly from the shower or bath to the lights. This improves the treatmentís effectiveness.
  • There are thousands of SolRx home phototherapy devices in people's homes worldwide. We've been doing this since 1992.
  • Device purchase is often covered by health insurance plans.
  • Home UV light therapy units are very low maintenance. The UV bulbs last 5 to 10 years or longer !

Solarc Systems is an authorized Philips Distributor.
All Solarc/SolRx products are designed & manufactured in Canada. Solarc Systems is ISO-13485 Certified for the design & manufacturing of medical ultraviolet phototherapy equipment.

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Vitamin-D Deficiency is not an US-FDA approved Indication for Use.
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